Invoice Financing

Invoice financing allows small businesses to turn unpaid, outstanding invoices into immediate working capital.

For any business owner who has late-paying customers, invoice financing can serve to address any cash flow problems.

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Advance Amount

50 to 90% of the total outstanding invoice amount

Factor Fee

As low as 1.5% a week outstanding

Processing Time to Fund

As fast as 24 hours

Repayment Frequency

When a customer pays the invoice, you receive the remaining 10-50% reserve amount, minus the fees

Pros & Cons

  • No delay in accounts receivables
  • Invoices serve as collateral
  • Based on credit of the invoiced business (paying customer)
  • Fees based on time for invoice to be paid
  • May incur greater cost than traditional financing over time

Minimum Qualifications

Annual Revenue


Time in Business

6 months+

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