Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing

Convert those IOUs into Cash

Often referred to as accounts receivable financing, invoice financing lets you sell invoices to a lender, who advances you a portion of the invoice amount (usually 80%) and holds onto the remaining percent (usually 20%) until the invoice is paid.

Loan advance maximum Amount

Loan Amount

Up to 100% of invoice value

Interest Rate

Interest Rate

As low as 3% + % per week outstanding

Repayment Frequency

Term Length

Until customer pays invoice

Processing Time to Fund

Time to Funding

As fast as 1 day


  • No need to wait for unpaid or slow-paying invoices
  • Based on credit of the invoiced business
  • Invoices serve as collateral


  • fees based on time it takes for invoice to be paid
  • can have higher fees than traditional modes of financing

Compare to other loan types

Loan types Max amount Interest rate Speed
Invoice Financing Up to 100% of invoice value Roughly. 3% + % per week outstanding As little as 1 day
SBA Loan $5K – $5M Starting at 7.75% As fast as 2 weeks
Business Term Loan $25K to $500K 7 – 30% As fast as 2 days
Business Line of Credit $5K to over $1M 7% – 25% As fast as 1 day
Equipment Financing Up to 100% of equipment value 7% – 30% As fast as 2 days
Short-Term Business Loan $2.5K – $250K Starting at 10% As fast as 1 day
Merchant Cash Advance $5K to $500,000 As low as 1.15 As fast as 1 day
Invoice Financing

Stop Waiting to Get Paid to Run Your Business

Delayed payments from late paying customers means you don’t get that capital you often expect to put back into your business right away. This can tie up your working capital and create a whole laundry list of operational problems, such as not having sufficient capital to service the next client, project, or even make payroll.

With Invoice financing (often called accounts receivable financing), you could see the cash for those invoices right away and as result get a more predictable cash flow to smoothen out month-to-month operations.

In short, if you struggle to get paid on time or could benefit from extra cash flow without adding another loan payment, invoice factoring can be a great way to secure capital right away and help shift your mindset from “opportunity cost” to “opportunity won!”

Minimum Documents Needed to Qualify:

  • Outstanding Invoices

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