Asset Based/Secured Loan

a. A secured loan is generally characterized by requiring some form of collateral such as large equipment, property, or a luxury asset in order to get a loan or make an acquisition.

The amount typically varies based on the equity you have on your assets along with your business revenue. There are a variety of options such as pulling cash out, refinancing, or making a purchase for those who have collateral.

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Loan Amount

$50,000 to $1 million+

Interest Rate

As low as 4.25%

Term Length

6 months to 25 years

Processing Time to Fund

As fast as 2 weeks

Repayment Frequency

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Pros & Cons

  • Can unlock equity in existing assets to make other purchases
  • Start earning equity on acquisitions
  • Processing can be timely based on the scope of your needs
  • Generally Requires equity/assets to be put up as collateral

Minimum Qualifications

Annual Revenue


Credit Score

Must own or have equity in a sizable asset

Time in Business

6 months+

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